Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, hello there! Welcome to my blog :) I'd tell you to sit back, put your feet up, sip on something delicious and alcoholic...but that's not what I want you to do at the moment; I want your rear in the kitchen or out somewhere enjoying what life has to offer at some fantastic dining establishment! Relaxing is for later, after you have had an orgasmically gustatory experience and need time to digest.

Some may say that this is a long time coming, and I would have to agree; I am a pretty decent self-taught cooking enthusiast, I enjoy it, and apparently a lot of other people enjoy my cooking as well. This site is a tribute to all my friends and family who have inspired me along my cooking path. Blogging, it seems, is de rigueur nowadays for anything that interests you, and so this was my obvious format of choice.

Let me break this down for you: this blog will serve a few purposes, of which include a) a place for me to show off something delish that I made, and for you to get the recipe; b) for me to inform you of some fantabulous, or not-so-fantabulous, dining establishment I ate at; and c) for any audience I may accumulate here to be my cheering section of sorts.

Cheering section, you ask? Why, yes, because even though I consider myself a dab hand at the domestic art of cooking, there are still uncharted territories I have yet to explore and master, and frankly, some things I'm downright intimidated of doing/making but am determined to overcome. If you're reading this right now, I'm conscripting you, reader, into my service, and you will go along with me on my culinary adventures/mishaps, as I'm sure there will be some not-so-lovely results. If you're even more intimidated than I am of making certain items, then feel free to learn from me, and my mistakes!

Some things to remember: I read cookbooks/cooking mags like novels or "food porn" and so I occasionally tweak or redo parts of others' recipes, and will do my best to cite/credit the original mind when required (who can ever remember all the legalese?). I sometimes don't use "proper" units of measurement, so keep that in mind and bear with me. You will occasionally bear the brunt of some food snobbery or food/nutrition rant that I may be in the midst of, and I ask for your open-mindedness and patience.

With that all being said, check back later this week for new site decor, first recipe post/pics, and what not. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions, and I will attempt to read them all and hopefully respond (that is, if I even receive any!).

Enjoy the ride and grab your apron!


  1. She is the best cook ever!

  2. You just got BOOKMARKED BISSSSH!
    Give me an effin' magic carpet, because I'm ready to get this show on the road.

    I'll try and keep my profanity to a minimum.

  3. LOL Thanks :D I feel so hot dot com that I'm getting bookmarked hahaha!